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French Group Course outline

This course will take place for 6 weeks with 2 sessions per week from 18.00 to 20.00 or; if all of the participants are available earlier, classes can be scheduled earlier in the day, 9.00 -11.00, for example.

Course details

The registration fee for the group courses is 795 lei and it includes:

  • Preliminary testing for leveling
  • Coursebook (original for most languages)
  • Auxiliary teaching materials
  • Progress assessment (near the middle of the module)
  • Final test & feedback
  • Certificate of attendance (issued for 70% attendance at the courses and 60% at the final test).

The final number of participants for each group will be confirmed on the Friday before the start of the course. Each group is made up of participants at the same level.

For more details, please refer to the Course Regulations.

At Bridge, we approach any foreign language as a means of communication, and teaching is always delivered in the target language. The target language is presented in the context of real situations with the help and guidance of our passionate teachers. Through the communicative method you will learn with the help of carefully selected listening and speaking activities, enhanced reading and writing exercises, and grammar integrated into the various communication activities. This method involves whole group interactivity through language games and other activities designed to help understand the culture and temperament of the target language.

All our teachers use a number of teaching techniques that appeal to the various learning styles and maintain a balance between the fluency and accuracy of all learners.

Our Main Teachers

Any teachers for this course
Price : 950 RON

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