ArtiYOUth – Entrepreneurship and artisanship opportunities for disadvantaged youth (ArtiYOUth, 2023-2025)

ArtiYOUth is an Erasmus+ is a cooperation based partnership in the field of youth, which shall be implemented between 2023 and 2025 with five partner institutions from different countries: Poland, Finland, Spain, The Republic of North Macedonia, Greece and Romania. The project focuses on offering opportunities and creating results that will help boost the target groups knowledge and teach them how to become businessmen. ArtiYOUth builds on the following needs: low employability of disadvantaged youth, entrepreneurial education needs in order to tackle the low employability levels. Artisanship is a domain that can be done by the disadvantaged and it does not require high financial investment. 

The main target group of this project are youngsters aged 15-29, mainly those who are living or lived in a foster care system, young Ukrainian refugees living in the partner countries since the outbreak of the war and have problems in being included in the formal education system or already graduated but could not find a job in their welcoming countries and disabled youth, who are capable of  doing handmade activities (eg. intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, physical disability, hearing impairment). These groups need opportunities to learn new things, develop their skills, help with their social inclusion and help their employability. The partner institutions chose artisanship and entrepreneurship as they are recognised contributors to the aforementioned needs and aligned with their aims.

The secondary target group of the project are youth workers and education providers (such as non-formal educators, training providers, business consultants, special education providers, social care workers, inclusion experts, etc.) who are working with above-mentioned disadvantaged groups, empowering them to offer their youngsters educational opportunities.

The objectives of this project are to enhance the employability of disadvantaged youngsters by offering them courses and workshops during which they will develop entrepreneurial and artisanship skills. Another objective is to increase the capacity of youth workers and educational providers who are working with disadvantaged young people.

ArtiYOUth expected results are online courses that will develop entrepreneurial mindset, attitudes and skills of the target group and 24 video tutorials on different artisanship territories (such as wood painting, jewelry making, embroidery, etc.) and a video related to the benefits of artisanship to emotional well-being and coping with stress.

Coordinator and partners: 

Coordinator: Asociatia Bridge Language Study House, Romania (https://www.blsh.ro/ )


Centrum Edukacyjne EST, Poland (https://est.edu.pl/)

Pirkanmaan muotoloiu- ja taideteollisuusyhdistys Modus ry, Finland (https://www.modus.fi/ )

International Innovation fromt the South SL, Spain

Foundation Sizigija Skopje, The Republic of North Macedonia (https://new.fondacijasizigija.org.mk/ )

Mathemagenesis Idiotiki Kafalaiouchiki Etaireia, Greece ( https://mathemagenesis.com/)

Website: https://best4artisans.eu/

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