Competitiveness 4 Artisans (2023-2024)

Competitiveness 4 Artisans is a project supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants, focusing on providing necessary knowledge for artisans in order to be able to set up their own business, to maintain it and to promote their goods properly in the digital world.

“Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe!”


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situations the number of organized sales at various fairs and local markets has decreased dramatically and product promotion has moved to the online space since then and although the restrictions are not available now, it had an enormous impact on peoples’ purchasing habits. Since the pandemic started the demand for digital marketing has increased, the market gap of artisans increased, the customer behaviors changed, and the marketplaces to sell products reduced.

“Competitiveness 4 Artisans” was meant to revolve around the topic of digital marketing and sales for small and medium enterprises working in the manufacturing sector, namely artisans. The objective of the project was to increase the competitiveness of artisans and enable them to be better entrepreneurs by providing them with proper knowledge and digital skills. 

The training events meant to reach the above mentioned objective were the following:
Digital marketing through social media
Creating and editing digital visual and audio materials
Digital marketing through websites and shops
Public relationship in the digital era

The main results of this project are 15 short videos each revolving around the four main topics: 

The project was closed with an event organised for artisans on the 20th of April 2024. On this one-day event, we presented the project, its results and also organised three workshops on digital marketing. After the workshops the participants and kids were invited to take part in handicraft workshops, like: decorating Easter eggs with wax and paint, modeling using clay, making paper flowers and friendship bracelets, and painting plaster figurines.

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