ICT based methods for teaching less widely used languages (ICT4LWUL, 2017-2019)

  The “ICT4LWUL” Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project relies on the needs discovered both at national and European levels. The main problem that the project wishes to resolve is the gap between widely known and less widely used languages. For example the existing resources, that teachers can use in order to prepare and provide linguistic programs is much more limited for less widely used languages then for widely used ones. Moreover, there is a lack of specialized books for less widely used language teaching, or the ones available on the market. Last but not least the teachers of less widely used languages have limited possibilities to attend lifelong learning programs in order to improve their teaching on the target language. The partnership wishes to pursue the following objectives in order to meet the listed needs: 1. Increasing the knowledge about 3 different types of ICT based methods within the partnership during the lifetime of the project; 2. Empower the partner language schools and teachers to be able to adapt and integrate the transferred ICT based methods for teaching the target LWUL as a foreign language; 3. Improve the knowledge of min. 200 language teachers from outside the partnership by the creation and dissemination of a Handbook containing at least 90 LWUL teaching exercises; You can find out more about the project on the website of the project: https://ict4lwult.wordpress.com or by joining the Facebook group of the project: https://www.facebook.com/ICT4LWUL/ Coordinator: Bridge Language Study House, Romania (https://www.blsh.ro) Project partners: Europass SAS, Italy (https://www.europassitalian.com/) International House Tallinn, Estonia (http://www.tallinnlc.ee/) Studium Jezykow Obcych Modern Language Center, Poland (https://www.studium.com.pl) Debrecen Summer School, Hungary (http://www.nyariegyetem.hu/) ITC International, Czech (http://www.itc-international.eu/)