Success Bridges for Bridge Language Study House (Bridges4BLSH, 2018-2019)

  The Erasmus+ Staff Mobility project is based on the needs of our institution, which resulted in the following long term strategic objectives: internationalise the institution through developing new services on the European market; strengthen European dimension through consolidating the relation with European institutions; increase the human resource management competences in order to make a better atmosphere, better work-conditions, increase work satisfaction, the motivation of people to work; Make the induction of new employees much more efficient. The objectives which fulfill the above mentioned strategic objectives are: To increase the coaching competences of 4 people, the human resource management competences of 4 people and the training competences of 5 people through participating in structured training courses;  To increase European dimension of BLSH through developing and launching four different training programs on the international market, until the end of the project. The most important impact results at international/European levels are: increased quality of teaching foreign languages; increase competitiveness of adult education offers; increased motivation to send the personnel abroad; the professional preparedness of un-experienced people will better align to the needs of the market. Coordinator: Bridge Language Study House, Romania (https://www.blsh.ro)