About us


About us

All of us at Bridge Language Study House are devoted to the vocation of language teaching and learning.

Through professionalism and enthusiasm, we can assure you that you will always be greeted with kindness and devotion. Our involvement in the development of some of the newest teaching and learning methods, using the latest paper-based and electronic materials and resources, reinforce our aim to make a difference in Romania, whilst working alongside other like-minded institutions in many other countries.

We are currently working with about 70 foreign language teachers, each of them enthusiastic, energetic and spontaneous professors who have demonstrated that professionalism, a sense of responsibility and striving to keep up with the latest and most modern teaching methods, make them very worthy members of our team.









01. Professionalism

We believe in the professionalism with which we work, and to this end, we are all learning and constantly developing ourselves to be better and more attentive to the learners' needs at each course or training session.

02. Quality

The perceived quality of our courses and services is also a priority for us, and our learners' feedback on their learning experience contributes to our continuous assessment of the content and teaching methods in all our courses.

03. Experience

We have over 15 years of experience in language teaching, education as a lifelong activity, and contributing to the international educational community.

04. Flexibility

We are flexible in terms of the opportunities we offer to each individual learner; with options on when, where and how to learn a foreign language.