DigiTise! Digital Toolkit for 50+ teachers (Toolkit for 50+, 2021-2023)

DigiTise! (Toolkit for 50+) is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership in the field of adult education, which was implemented between 2021 and 2023 by six partner institutions from Romania, Greece, Ireland, Germany and Poland. The project focused on the unprecedented needs generated by the massive outbreak of the pandemic situation requesting from teachers to alter and also adapt their teaching techniques and whole methodology to online classrooms. This shift was demanding for the whole teaching community, especially for elderly teachers who do not possess even the most basic digital skills. Teachers above 50 years old were the target group of this project and the aim was to increase their level of digital literacy and improve their digital skills. 

DigiTise! had three main objectives implemented in five different work packages. Firstly, 15 different types of digital tools were presented in know-how training sessions, where participants also put into practice the knowledge they have obtained and adapt it to actual classroom circumstances. In order to maximize the exploitation of the training sessions, mobility was organized involving the teachers of partner institutions to transfer the knowledge to the other members of the target group. 

Another objective was the realization of a Handbook containing 45 digital practice exercises enhancing the quality of online teaching serving as one of the project’s intellectual outputs. This handbook was designed to contain three main chapters: a general outline of digital toolkit for education, practical exercises, tasks, assignments and guide about toolkit integration into online courses.  

Last but not least 10 MOOC courses were designed enhancing digital literacy starting from basic level  in order to fill the gaps teachers may encounter in their digital competences improving them to be intermediate users of educational devices. This course also served as an intellectual output of the project. 

All the objectives of the project lead to a single purpose: to increase the quality of education in online space and to provide the teaching community with the necessary toolkit to be able to keep the quality of their courses.


Bridge Language Study House ( https://www.blsh.ro )



Europass SRL, Italy  (www.teacheracademy.eu )

Mathemagenesis Idiotiki Kafalaiouchiki Etaireia, Greece ( https://mathemagenesis.com/)

Eurospeak Limited, Ireland (www.eurospeak-ireland.com )

Iberika Education Group GGMBH, Germany (www.iberika.de )

Languages Center Sp. Z.O.O. Spolka Jawna, Poland (www.studium.com.pl )

Website and project results: https://digitiseproject.eu/

More info: Digital transformation of elderly teachers and students | Facebook